How good is your smile? Do you have difficulties smiling in public? How white are your teeth? Veneers are here to solve your problem so you put that broad smile and you laugh happily with friends as you walk down the streets, watch movies and have fun. A veneer is a material placed over the teeth so as to act as an aesthetic to the teeth and to maintain your teeth. It’s best suited to improve the confidence of people with discolored teeth, teeth that require reshaping and positioning the teeth. Once dental formula is important and it gives someone the confidence to face the world shoulders high.

Two main materials are used in fabricating a veneer; composite and porcelain; this article focuses on porcelain:


How to maintain a porcelain veneer

Handling your new porcelain veneer

Once your veneers are fitted, like any valuable thing you hold dear and maintain it so well not even letting others tamper with it, so should you maintain and guard your porcelain veneers as not only give you that wonderful dental formula you admire but also enhance your beauty, so brush and floss it like any teeth you have; use a soft, bristle toothbrush and a non- abrasive tooth paste. This is the first step in maintaining a good and health formula.

After fitting, if you know you like grinding your teeth, tell that to your dentist, they will give you a bite guard to wear so as to minimize pressure you may put on the teeth as you grind which could subsequently interfere with the firm grip of the veneer to the teeth and may cost you much replacing them each time before they are even firmly held to your teeth.

A few days after the placement you are supposed to check in with the dentist so he checks how your gum tissue respond to the ‘foreigner’ in your mouth alongside you making enquires on any issues arising. When all’s well, it shows your veneers are well placed and you have a healthy dental formula now it’s your part to play in ensuring it remains healthy.


Maintain your veneer

It may be no longer new but it requires maintenance; to enhance your beauty through your smile and ensuring its healthy, here are a few guides;

  • Visit the dentist frequently for regular check-ups.
  • Brush your teeth, with non-abrasive toothpaste; avoid whiteners as much as you can as they may dull the veneer.
  • Porcelain is much resistant to and rarely stains; however avoid smoking, taking red wine, coffee and tea as they could easily stain.
  • In case of staining that you are unable to take care of at home, visit the dentist for whitening, if it still persists new veneers can be put in place. Also ensure your dentist is qualified enough for these.
  • Avoid opening bottles with your teeth, the veneer like teeth may chip off.


I believe you now know how to maintain your veneers, contact the best dentists today for a placement; Riverbend has such qualified dentists that will assure you of a long lasting smile.

September 27, 2016

Maintaining Your Porcelain Veneer

How good is your smile? Do you have difficulties smiling in public? How white are your teeth? Veneers are here to solve your problem so you […]